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Holidays in the restaurants of the starred chefs. Discover the good gastronomy of the Drôme region

Famous restaurants and chefs

The Drôme is a veritable breeding ground for talented cooks and gourmets. It boasts 8 chefs with Michelin stars based at Valence, Granges-les-Beaumont, St Donat-sur-l'Herbasse, Crest, Pont de l'Isère and Grignan.

Anne-Sophie PIC

Coming from a long line of restaurateurs (the Pic family), Anne-Sophie Pic won her third Michelin star, in 2007, for her gourmet restaurant in Valence. She became the only woman in France to be awarded three stars. She cooks contemporary dishes imbued with respect, tradition and simplicity. Her sensitivity and delicate touch are reflected in her cooking ... particularly feminine.

Baptiste POINOT

Baptiste Poinot welcomes you to the hushed setting of his restaurant, Flaveurs, in Valence.

His very carefully prepared dishes, based on select, top quality produce and his great creativity have earned him 1 star in the Michelin guide.


Julien ALLANO gained experience working in the region's best restaurants. Always happy to take up a challenge, he chose the Clair de la Plume* in Grignan to offer seasonal cooking based on genuinely excellent produce. His leitmotiv: innovation within tradition...


Michel Chabran is a symbolic and charismatic chef, whose restaurant at Pont de l'Isère serves dishes based on truly local produce. He has held 1 Michelin star for several years.

Masashi LJICHI

In his restaurant La Cachette*, in Valence Masashi IJICHI invites you to Japan. Enjoy his subtly flavoured, elegant dishes in this restaurant which, as its name implies (Cachette = hiding place), is tucked away in the old town of Valence...


Two brothers, Jacques and Jean-Paul, are both passionate restaurateurs. They offer a warm welcome to their restaurant, Les Cèdres** at Granges-les-Beaumont with its bright, modern and stylish interior.