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What can be discovered in the Drôme ?

What can be discovered in the Drôme ?

From Vercors to Provence, from the Baronnies to the north Drôme, here is a selection of ideas for outings to do in the Drôme. Good visits !

Near Valence


Gare des Ramières - National nature Reserve (Allex)

The Gare des Ramières, home of the Ramières National Nature Reserve of the Val de Drôme, is a privileged place to learn about the environment. She welcomes you with your family in the heart of nature. Come explore this place full of magic dedicated to flora and fauna.


Zoo - Botanical birds park (Upie)

This Zoological and Botanical Park allows you above all to discover more than a thousand birds including 215 different species from all continents spread over a 6ha wooded park. Raptors and parrots shows in season, inflatable play area and mini-farm.


Tower of Crest

The tower of Crest, an imposing vestige rising to 52 meters in height from the castle of Crest is considered to be the tallest square keep in France. An architectural masterpiece, actually comprising three interlocking towers, this former fortress then state prison is a unique witness to the history of medieval times and prison life. The tower offers you at its top a panoramic view over the valley and the reliefs of the Drôme, from the Vercors to the Ardèche mountains.

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The museum of Valence

Situated in the heart of Valence, adjoining the Cathedral of Saint Apollinaire, the Museum of Valence is located in the former Episcopal palace. Its rich collections of more than 20,000 works offer, in a reinvented itinerary, a wide panorama of the history of mankind and the arts, from regional prehistory to contemporary art.

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Near Montélimar


La Ferme aux Crocodiles (Pierrelatte)

In total immersion in the heart of lush biodiversity, the Crocodile Farm is the largest European animal park dedicated to the discovery of reptiles. With more than 600 animals in semi-freedom, including 400 crocodilians, come and discover fascinating reptiles such as crocodiles, giant turtles, monitors, snakes and anacondas, iguanas, lizards, but also fish and other tropical birds. . Listed as a botanical garden, the Farm also presents more than 600 species and varieties of exotic plants


Truffle museum (St Paul Trois châteaux)

High place of truffle production, Tricastin in Drôme Provencale is a link between Drôme and Vaucluse, the main French departments producing truffles. In the heart of this region, Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux has dedicated a setting to the black diamond of French cuisine, in a house of character with vaulted ceilings and stone walls, which has thus become a privileged tourist and educational place.

Near Nyons


The oliv tree museum (Nyons)

The space has 300 m² dedicated to the history of the olive trees of Nyons. Around the stone millstone, different kinds of olive press, instruments formerly used for the extraction of oil and its conservation but also, all the documented information on the methods of cultivation, picking and processing of olives of mouth. To discover in free visit.

Near Die and the Vercors


Sparkling wine museum - Cave de Die Jaillance

Go back the corridors of time from the Romans until today '. Discover the history of the cellar and the sparkling wines, as well as the secrets of the slow production of Clairette de Die. A guided tour and a sparkling tasting !! Museum tour available in 4 languages, thanks to the audio guides. The Jaillance guide accompanies you and then offers you a tasting at the 'bubble bar'.

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Cave of la Draye blanche (La chapelle en Vercors)

The Draye Blanche cave is located on the edge of the forest to the south of the gigantic limestone massif of Vercors. It was discovered by chance in 1918 by an extraordinary man: Fabien Rey. Nicknamed 'Marseille', who was helping his dog who fell into a cavity. Immediately after picking up his dog, Marseille came back down to explore what he had just discovered with a candle for all equipment. he was amazed by what he had discovered ...


Cave of Thaïs (St Nazaire en Royans)

For about an hour, your guide tells you about the formation of this cavity and its occupation during the last ice age. Thaïs illustrates the fabulous work of groundwater with its sculpted rocks and exceptional colors. From Prehistory to recent explorations in speleological diving, this cave is told to visitors in the privacy of its galleries.

Near Romans sur Isère


Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval (Hauterives)

Unique in the world, the Ideal Palace has inspired artists for over a century. Independent of any artistic movement, built without any architectural rule, the Ideal Palace has won the admiration of surrealists and is today recognized as a major work of art. It was classified in 1969 as a Historic Monument by André Malraux, then Minister of Culture, under the title of naive art. In 2019, the Ideal Palace welcomed 305,000 visitors.

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Chocolate Museum VALRHONA (Tain l'Hermitage)

Melt for this all-chocolate experience! Like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Valrhona invites you to dive into the fascinating world of chocolate. A gourmet and informative visit. La Cité unveils the backstage of Grand Chocolat to the general public. During a gourmet and surprising stroll through the heart of the City, you will discover all the secrets of chocolate making and the range of know-how of Valrhona and its customers. On site you can also have lunch at the counter and stroll through the shop.


The international shoe museum (Romans-sur-Isère)

Historical capital of this know-how, Romans has shone throughout the world with its shoes for several decades. From the know-how of companies to the museum's collections, footwear can be discovered in every way. The museum invites you to take another look at this object of history and creation.


Natural labyrinth (Hauterives) 

In a magnificent setting, come and discover an exceptional site and its 4 labyrinths forming spirals, dead ends and romantic paths. More than 6000 trees and 7km of course in the arbor of Glycine, Lavender, Cypress and Charmilles. An ideal site for children, young people and the whole family. drinks, coffee, ice cream, souvenir shop.